Hostel near Carcassonne

Opening dates and times: open at noon on 17, 18, 24 April and 1, 8 and 22 May. From 28 May to 18 September every Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime. For groups of 15 people or more by reservation the rest of the year.

On site or to take away.

A hostel in the heart of nature

Traditional mud-brick building, built more than 40 years ago by Marc and Martine, the owners of the estate, using mud-bricks and oaks. Former shepherds, they elaborated unique dishes inspired by the traditional cuisine of the country.

This cuisine both peasant and refined is elaborated with products of our farm and local products. We peel, cut, cook, stew, here EVERYTHING is homemade.

Nice and warm next to the fireplace or in the shade on the terrace come and enjoy your meal.

Our specialities at the Auberge

  • Boneless guinea fowl reconstituted with flambéed crayfish or melting foie gras
  • Martine’s cassoulet
  • The ORGANIC Prime Rib from our Angus-Jersey farm

Our farm offers us the best products, we cross 2 pure breeds to obtain the most meaty and tasty strong class. Tender like the Angus and tasty like the Jersey.

Come and enjoy a good meal, make the most of your evening : You can stay with us!

Come and enjoy our restaurant at Le Bout du Monde. Equidistant between Toulouse and the City of Carcassonne, you will find our hostel in the montagne Noire near Revel.

Our cuisine is traditional and makes you relive the gastronomic culture and French gourmet. The end of the world is only 20 minutes from the motorway and promises you a total culinary and environmental change of scenery.

interieur auberge aude

A restaurant like no other…

If you would like a cassoulet, it is possible to order it, or revel in dishes and specialities in a decor that brings animals back to life, enjoy the delicacy of the flavours and the sensuality of the sauces. At the heat of the fireplace or at the summer on the shady terrace, the old shepherd will transport you into the dream of his moving tales by intoxicating you with his human warmth.

Discover our wine bar and room to rent